Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+
Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+





            GIVE YOUR SCHOOL

              GIVE YOUR SCHOOL
              THE E-DAC ADVANTAGE

                GIVE YOUR SCHOOL
                THE E-DAC ADVANTAGE

                EDAC Best App for Online Teaching

                Innovative Learning Approach for Students & Teachers

                EDAC Learning System is an innovative and intuitive SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product for schools and is designed to achieve institutional goals by creating an engaging learning experience in the classroom and at home with innovative teaching-learning processes, and tracking student progress using online evaluation tools. It is one of the best online teaching apps for schools to provide students with an interactive online learning environment and help them learn new things in a better and more organized way.

                E-DAC’s curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the classroom or home school learning, either as core or supplemental material. Our curriculum is dynamic and modular, giving parents helpful data to decide how to structure learning for the students. This is ideal for parents who want to be actively involved in their child’s education and maintain control over the lesson plan. We offer data-driven  lesson plan recommendations.

                Learn how you want, where you want

                Fuel Your Growth with the Fastest Growing K8 Curriculum Company in India

                As the world changes, so do the future of students. Our Experiential Curriculum and World-Class Pedagogies gives our school a competitive edge by strengthening all 4 growth pillars

                • Students
                • Teachers
                • School
                • Parents

                Empowering All Stakeholders



                • Pre-loaded 2D-3D Content
                • Fully Customizable
                • Grade Reports and Score Cards
                • Auto updated Quizzes & Assessments
                • Training and Support
                • Dedicated App
                • Daily Attendance
                • In-built video Conference
                • Exam Revision and Preparation
                • Student live Logs
                • Child Performance Graphs
                • Skill Building & performance evaluation


                • Personalized Learning
                • Dedicated App
                • Safe Learning Environment
                • Recorded Videos
                • Experiential Homework
                • Class Calendar and updates
                • Reading and Reference Content
                • Fun and Informative Quizzes
                • Doubt clearing sessions
                • Exam Preparation
                • Real Life concepts Application
                • Socio-emotional skills
                • Subjects Proficiency

                School Management

                • Leadership Conferences
                • Improve Brand Name
                • Teacher and Student Skill Building
                • Year Round Training and Coaching
                • Improved Parent Satisfaction
                • Dedicated App, Data Encryption
                • Teacher Live Logs
                • Teacher and Student Progress
                • Overview
                • Exam Portals
                • Auto Generated Report Cards


                • Parenting tips
                • School Collaboration
                • Parent Engagement Programs
                • Parent Orientation Conferences
                • Progress Reports
                • Dedicated App
                • Parent Teacher Meetings
                • School Announcements

                Features of E-DAC's E-learning Software for Schools

                Being one of the best online teaching apps, E-DAC has a plethora of advantageous features making it a true growth partner to schools in quest of educational excellence.

                • Designed and developed to provide high-quality teaching and learning.
                • To ensure the best student learning outcomes, E-DAC’s online learning platform provides faculty with the ability to design curricula and create courses.
                • The e-learning software for schools provides teachers with the ability to arrange and evaluate online assessments and exams to help faculty track student progress.
                • The e-learning software is highly flexible and compatible with both web and mobile applications. Teachers and students can use the virtual teaching and learning platform at their convenience.
                • Embedded with electronic communication options like chat, emails, etc, the school ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software provides a seamless communication platform that helps teachers and students maintain healthy, personalized and transparent communication.

                Why E-DAC ?

                100% Complete School

                Technology-based integrated learning platform that ensures complete at Classroom and at Home learning

                Integration of Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Technology

                Experiential curriculum, world-class pedagogies, and future-ready technology to ensure skill-based personalised learning of each and every child

                Ensuring Guaranteed Results

                E-DAC facilitates teacher and student growth outcomes. It strengthens the collaboration and engagement between schools and parents supporting their child’s learning. 

                The Best of Curriculum, Concept and Creativity in Education

                Well researched Experiential Curriculum

                World Class Pedagogies

                Technology Integration

                Pre Loaded and Engaging Digital Content

                Reports and Analytics

                Monitoring and Assessments

                Trainings and Support

                Tens of thousands of reviews written will help you pick

                I am happy to be associated with E-DAC. I appreciate the efforts put by the trainers and other staff members which has helped my teachers in learning new techniques and further to improve on the quality of teaching. The ideology and the path that E-DAC shows is a pulling factor for me and my teachers which is helping my school to achieve desired goals.

                DR. DENZIL .M. DENIS
                Principal of Sri Krishna Academy

                Heartily thanks to all team members for creating E-DAC future advanced app for students. Excellent features, innovative options most competitive than other applications in the market. App is wonderful, it consists of all the possible areas where a child can do cognitive development Quizzes, Worksheets, iTeach and iDO, Assignments etc. It’s child as well as parent’s friendly.

                MRS ARTI MAHAJAN
                Principal of Takshila Malegaon

                The training sessions conducted by E-DAC are very effective and have helped our teachers in conducting classrooms more effectively and make learning joyful and everlasting for learners.

                DR. ARCHANA SINGH

                I enjoy learning with E-DAC. They have board games and I get to play while I learn in school.

                ANKIT SAINI E
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                Holistic Learning Management System Approach

                We offer a holistic learning management system for schools that enables all stakeholders – teachers, students, school administrators and parents – to teach and learn both online and offline, effortlessly. E-DAC’s online assessment software serves as a diagnostic tool that helps teachers close online learning gaps by tracking student performance on academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as the development of the following skills:

                • Critical thinking skills
                • Adaptability
                • Collaboration across networks
                • Leadership skills 
                • Effective communication: oral and written
                • Creativity and imagination
                • Analyze information

                With the ability to create question banks, upload e-Content, set assignments, and design engaging tests – MCQs and descriptive tests to supplement daily/weekly/monthly lesson plans along with the pre-loaded study materials, teachers can capture, measure, and maximize student learning outcomes on E-DAC best online teacher app. Like every innovation that the Internet has spawned, E-DAC has increased the efficiency of educational institutions’ learning platforms. We have helped to solve some of the age-old problems that plague the traditional learning system. Here are some of them:

                • Ease of customization and reuse of learning materials.
                • Flexibility in the design and delivery of materials.
                • Major improvements in assessment techniques.

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