Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+
Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+


Providing Engaging & Interactive Learning Platform Integrated with

Elearning Books & Videos

The arrival of technology in classrooms has had a positive impact on the quality of education. Students and teachers agree on the benefits of using e-learning platforms in the classroom, where they have access to a variety of e-learning books and videos. E-DAC recognizes this need and has built a community of experts on a wide range of topics. We track the faint signals of emerging trends; we use their insights to create up-to-date content you need to stay ahead of the upheavals, trends, and emerging technologies that are shaping today’s students and preparing them for the future.

How E-DAC’s E-Books and Videos Can Benefit Students

  • Students Can Learn Anywhere, Anytime
  • Students Can Access E-Books Offline
  • Edutainment Value
  • Interactive Assessments

Our eBooks and e-learning videos are easy to take with you. Instead of carrying a bag full of books, it’s easier to take a mobile device that supports eBooks and videos. Most students these days always have a mobile device with them. This can be a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. The portability of an e-learning tool allows students to access their notes and course materials at any time. Instead of carrying multiple books, students now have everything in one place.

Over 50% of the world’s population has access to the internet. Yet, we all have connectivity issues and network problems at times. Nowadays, to make sure that the internet connection does not hinder the learning process, mobile devices offer offline services. Students can now download any content and save it on their device to go through later at their convenience.

Watching e-learning videos helps retain information better than reading the same material. Most e-books now feature videos to keep students engaged with the course material. Videos and animations have entertainment value while being informative. They help students learn better and remember the information better. Videos integrated into eBooks add life to the e-learning content by making it more effective and engaging.

E-DAC’s e-learning books include self-tests that students can use to test their knowledge. The traditional quiz at the end of a chapter is eliminated. The eBooks contain quizzes and exercises throughout the chapter and after the chapter ends to ensure students retain the information they read. It helps measure whether the student has understood the concepts correctly. Our eBook assessments can provide instant results so students can see the test results immediately. Not only the students, but the teacher can also view the test results and provide instant feedback.

Leadership Conferences

Improved Brand Name

Improved Quality

Year Round Training & Coaching

Our Leadership Conferences are grounded in coaching, mentoring and reflective learning, encouraging new approaches and a more inclusive and participatory style of school management.

We focus on developing school leaders who can deliver improved learning outcomes and implement their school development plans with a focus on globalising their school

  1. Unique Brand differentiators and ambassadors.
  2. Parents spreading Brand Quality through word of mouth and social mediums
  3. Better admission ratio
  1. Enhanced Teaching – Learning Quality leading to better scores
  2. Consistent Teaching Quality among all the teachers – New/ Old, Experienced / Freshers
  3. Enhanced Creativity of highly skilled Teachers
  • Continuous training, coaching, monitoring, and measurement of various parameters for every teacher.
  • School Leader is aware of the strengths and improvements of every teacher.
  • Able to see the growth graph of every teacher through our specially designed reports.

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