Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+
Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+

Making Students Future Ready With

EDAC – The Best Learning Management System

EDAC LMS in India is an innovative and flexible next-generation learning platform that grows with the institution, providing enhanced access, seamless navigation, instant sharing, and unlimited storage. Awarded as the fastest-growing K8 Curriculum Company at Global Education Fest in 2019, E-DAC is a leading learning management system.


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Well researched curriculum based on theories like multiple intelligence Bloom’s taxanomy
Age developmental milestone
Aiming to create self directed learners with values and life skills to tackle challenges of 21st century
Specially curated lesson plans to cater different types of Learners and Learning styles

Learning Platform

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Learning Platform

Pre loaded content
Fully customizable
Reducation in teacher work load
Better collaboration between school, students, parents and teachers
Real time monitoring

Choose EDAC – The Best LMS Platform for Growth of Your School

Our experts have years of experience in education and have developed a comprehensive learning management platform for strategic planning, delivery, and monitoring of educational offerings. Our LMS (Learning Management System) provides deeper insight into academic processes, enabling you to monitor and control the entire educational experience. E-DAC is a fully customizable and the best LMS Software in India where every little requirement is digitally implemented.

E-DAC is tailored to meet the educational needs of K8 schools. These tools help teachers and administrators automate processes such as creating and managing assignments, creating tests and quizzes, and grading student work online. Our learning management platform for schools enables various features that make a teacher’s life easier, such as,

  • LMS for schools has allowed teachers to experiment and innovate. While in a traditional classroom, a teacher has to follow a prescribed program, with LMS-led classes, teachers can experiment with different learning modules.
  • Compared to traditional classroom teaching where a teacher has to follow a prescribed program, with online teaching using a fully customizable LMS for schools, a teacher can experiment and use different learning models and techniques like gamification, storytelling, etc.

Parental involvement in their children’s education has also increased significantly with E-DAC’s ITeach initiative. With just one click, parents can track their children’s grades, find out about their attendance, performance, etc. Our learning management system helps build better relationships between parents, teachers, students and school.

How does E-DAC Powered School Help Teachers Make the Teaching Process Seamless?

E-DAC school enables teachers with the right integrated school system to engage students and deliver quality instruction. The LMS platform offers preloaded content, detailed lesson plans, and audiovisual resources. With E-DAC excellence solutions, teachers are equipped with seamless technology and training that improves their teaching standards and methods. We are one of the pioneers in providing partner schools with an excellent and comprehensive learning experience for every child through our integrated system solutions. 

Our goal is to train teachers with our rigorous training programs:

  • We build a community and create a safe learning environment
  • Training the latest pedagogical, digital and communication skills
  • Creating career opportunities for the community in partner schools and LEAD.

E-DAC helps teachers deliver effective lesson plans using digital learning content, physical reading  and workbooks, learning activities, e-books, regular assessments and practice assignments, personalized revisions, homework, live instruction by an E-DAC expert to empower them and strengthen their skills.

E-DAC’s Best Online Learning Management Software in India

We offer online solutions for the schools that can also be accessed via a mobile app, making it easier to manage academic administration. Reports can be generated instantly for each activity, providing actionable insights for course corrections and student performance evaluation. Our fully customizable LMS is an ambitious personalized learning experience that engages your students and promotes their educational success.

E-DAC’s learning management system is one of the leading learning platforms for schools, for a number of reasons like:

Easy to implement

No Training Required


Save Time & Money

It is very easy to implement in your education center and within no time you can roll out all the academic programs, subject study guides and training you want.

Our structured LMS technology is designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable, so we made the tool intuitive.

Our LMS system is effortlessly accessible from anywhere, at any time, if you have an internet connection from your smart device, be it a computer, cell phone, or tablet.

Having all your information in one place is a strong argument for using our LMS. It prevents loss of data and information and makes it available to all users in sync.

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