Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+
Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+

Exploring Gamification as a Teaching Tool in e-Learning and e-School

What we mean by this is that gaming mechanics –leaderboard, points, levels, awards – help make boring tasks more fun. Students instead of pushing themselves because of the pressure of the daily set hours by their parents, gamification will keep them motivated and engaged. 

Even if students come with a lack of interest and are dull, once they get in, the scoreboards, points and rewards, make them do better. Their desire to complete that one task, to reach that higher level, to win that high score will make them learn while having fun. 

Such a fun game environment in learning will help them learn better with a light head and heart. Learning will be nothing like heavy boredom. 

Gamification leverages our desires for status, achievement, competition, and to be part of a larger learning community, even when we are with unknown buddies but the leader boards will help increase engagement. Students will try harder to score the best marks and to secure the highest rank.

Game mechanics make a student’s learning more transparent by making goals clear and easy to follow. A student can see progress on performance, receive immediate feedback on accomplishments and connect with other students through collaboration and competition. 

This platform provides a huge group of peers where students from different schools partake, which makes competition better and healthier. To be honest, Learning and studying is not something all students enjoy and even the ones who love it feel burnout from time to time. They may not have a bit of desire to complete a questionnaire, but the use of rewards could be enough to motivate them into action.

In this time of Covid – 19, it is 100 times difficult to keep oneself motivated, even the basic daily chores are difficult to be done. Students have suffered hugely, it has been all difficult to remain indoors and study for the duration as long as uncertain years. It is not easy for them to study without their fun friends and their competitive classmates. 

Teachers will create and award badges every time a student-produced great work or displayed exemplary behavior. Recipients can then show off the badges on social media. This will infuse a huge amount of confidence and sense of achievement in the student while others will have a burning sense of competition to do the best at the next level.  

Accordingly, the leaderboard empowers students to track their individual progress, and also see the top performers in each class. Through these gamification elements, instructors can deliver a curriculum, where students are highly motivated and engaged to learn

Gamification features in E-DAC Digital App

*Leaderboard: helps students to track their progress and also to see top performers in each grade and subject

*  Students get badges such as E-DAC star performer, E-DAC Most creative, E-DAC Rising Star etc according to their performance and skills.

*Different levels of quizzes: students score points based on their performance in quizzes in each level. They also score points after completion of each activity.

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