Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+
Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+

Online Learning: A Panacea in Time of Covid 19

Educational institutions in India are currently based only on traditional learning methods. That is, they follow the traditional method of classroom learning. Although many academic units have started blended learning, many of them are still stuck and find no way out. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the academic year. Many schools remained shut with no amount of activity, canceled classes, and examinations across the country. Many schools continue to face a lack of technological infrastructure, technological know-how, and any platform to switch to online mode as the whole world is transitioning. 

We don’t know how many years it will take to go back to normal. The situation is uncertain, so it is important to ensure that students do not miss out on their studies. 

We all were and still are skeptical about online learning, whether it is the right way to go about it in the future? Is it better? Can it really overtake the benefits of Classroom learning? 

These are of course crucial questions and we do need to ponder over them. This pandemic has forced us to shift to online mode. Schools must move online. Many academic institutions that were earlier reluctant to change their traditional pedagogical approach had no option but to shift entirely to online teaching-learning.

It was a tough time for everyone – be it school Management, Principal, Teachers, Students, and Parents. Sometimes it leads to the closure of schools and colleges which creates serious consequences for students and deprives them of their fundamental right to education and poses them to future risk. Many students and teachers also face psychological problems during these tough times– there is stress, fear anxiety, depression, and insomnia that lead to a lack of focus and concentration.

The struggle was how to make it work? It was just 10% of the schools that already had the setup to overcome the situation. But what about the rest?

Many of the schools were shut only because of the lack of resources or the lack of one such platform which could solve the purpose for every need. The majority of the school have chosen WhatsApp, Google forms, Google meet, or zoom as their mode of online learning.

Still, it was not sufficient to solve the purpose. 

Teachers were not trained, Parents were confused, students lacked assistance as they found everything so complicated. For every single thing, they have to use a different app.

Schools need one platform on which they can get their teachers trained, A platform that can help them with all the communication with parents and students. A platform that can help them in assessing their students. 

A platform that could help parents engage better and track their children’s progress.  A platform that works online, offline, or hybrid as per the feasibility. A platform that provides a creative, relevant, group-based, and student-centered curriculum.

The challenge to educational institutions is not only finding new technology and using it but also reimagining its education, thereby helping students and academic staff who are seeking guidance for digital literacy.

How Edac Digital has turned out to be the best solution for online Learning?

Since the demand for online learning has witnessed a staggering growth, EDAC Digital ensures to provide that quality education to every child possible across the country. The best feature is that it provides all the necessary features under one umbrella app such as attendance, student records, 2d and 3d videos Assignments and quizzes, child-centric curriculum, online classes, and recorded classes as well.

It’s a perfect solution for online, offline, or Hybrid.

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