Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+
Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+

Journey of Students from TRADITIONAL to TRADIGITAL


Indeed YES, but today I struck a nerve. This saying has been reduced to DULL WORK AND HARDLY PLAY, all thanks to COVID perhaps. Almost 2 years have gone by, but COVID is still standing strong, with its head held damn high. The COVID-19 pandemic has acquainted uncertainty into major aspects of national and global society, including the education system.

This pandemic has come with its drastic effects on mankind, majorly on the kids, which left unnoticed and proved challenging for the students whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially. Now let’s talk about:

Physical impacts: The confinement of the kids to the homes only has impacted their physical health. COVID-19 restrictions such as the closure of schools and parks, and the cancellation of youth sports and activity classes around the world, prevent children from achieving recommended levels of physical activity (PA). In addition, obesity in children is on the rise either due to a lack of outdoor physical activities or binge eating. Also, they are becoming physically inactive and losing their muscular power, thereby finding it very difficult to cope with sports when they resume in the future due to muscle rigidity, thus deteriorating their physical health.

Mental impacts: It increases anxiety and depression due to home confinement, and sleep disorders are also on the rise. They lack the interest and zeal to learn new things. Other teens may experience difficulty in concentrating or staying focused while being at home. The situation of fear has also been created in kids’ minds on seeing such threatening circumstances all around the world.

Social Impacts: Face-to-face interaction, self-discipline, and self-drive hardly make any sense nowadays. Thus the social aspect becomes null. Social interaction with friends, relatives, and teachers is not possible. Consequently, the development of social bonding among the teachers, students, parents are negligible, and this may push few students towards the feeling of isolation.

Emotional impacts: The emotional needs of children are compromised as they are unable to open themselves in front of their closed ones because of a lack of real-time meets. The students who enjoyed their quality time in the schools with their friends and teachers full of enthusiasm can not be seen nowadays. The heights of boredom surround them. So we can say that the pandemic has taken away the enjoyable childhood from the children and pushed them behind the bars of insecurities, fear, and restlessness.

As it is often said that “NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF ALL THE INVENTION” and it is rightly proved in the case of online classes that how sudden outbreak of Covid 19 lead to the shutting down of the schools and colleges, resulting to the halt to the traditional education system and making the online learning a new normal for the students.

There are pros and cons for all the different forms of learning, which means that there is no one correct way of learning. But in a world where nearly everything is going down the technology path, online learning platform gives you the best option to study online and in efficient manner.

A virtual classroom or online school helps recreate a routine for kids, which helped overcome the ill effects of the pandemic that students were physically facing. It keeps them engaged and ensures that they continue to learn despite the schools shutting down. The daily routine of morning classes, online homework, online assessments ensures that the students stay committed and disciplined towards learning. Online education has taken center stage in the student’s life now.

Another advantage of online education is that it allows students to attend classes from any location of their choice. Instead of being restricted by geographical boundaries, it also allows schools to reach out to a more extensive network of students. Additionally, online lectures can be recorded, archived, and shared for future reference.

That allows students to access the learning material at a time of their comfort. Online education can develop a better understanding of the topics by visualizing the topics through videos and presentations, which helps rebuild the interest and eagerness of students to learn new and inculcate good habits.

As we know how creative and innovative are the minds of students and due to the sudden shutting down of the schools these young minds were going in the drain but at that point of time the emergence of e-learning proved to be a boon for the students It not only reconnects them with academic but also help them re-establishing social bonds with friends which they were about to lose due to the pandemic.

Thus when all the doors were getting closed for the students, the technology came up with the possible solution and unfolded the paths for students in Online Learning.

Why is E-DAC Digital the first preference of students for online classes?

With E-DAC Digital, students can mark their attendance, attend live classes, access recorded classes, access e-books and 2D -3D videos, attempt quizzes and assignments, etc., in one place. They don’t need to hop to different apps for different tasks.

Experiential Teaching activities make the learning process super interesting and help children enhance their skills. The gamification feature of the app keeps them active and encourages them to perform better and better.

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