Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+
Schools1400+Teachers40000+Students5 Lakh+


The corona pandemic has made us realize how challenging life is. At every new step, we have to overcome the new challenges of life. We have already seen how a pandemic has made the education system take a sudden turn from traditional learning to tradigital learning, and now as the school is partially opening. Hence, it stands somewhere in between the traditional and tradigital, which is only Hybrid learning.

Hybrid learning, also called blended learning, is an approach to education that combines online educational materials with traditional in-person classroom methods. It’s not fully virtual, nor is it fully digital.

Nevertheless, we can say that it is one of the most prominent ways of learning in the current situation, as after a year of online mode of education which had a lot of advantages along with a few disadvantages, so at this point of time, the hybrid learning continues the education by taking the positive points of the online mode and adding the offline mode which overcomes the shortcomings of online mode. Thus hybrid learning gives a perfect form of learning.

Blended learning makes education more flexible. When it comes to choosing between online and in-person classes, there are several factors to consider. One may seek the real-time social interaction with the friends and teachers which comes with the classroom learning, but at the same time, we are enjoying the comfort level available to us from the online learning.

By considering both the factors, we realize that including both is the need of an hour and hybrid learning is the way we can rely on. By this, one can get the comfort zone and access to online courses and classroom interaction with mentors and classmates.

Flexibility is also a key feature of hybrid learning. The location of the campuses becomes a matter of concern for the parents and the teachers because nowadays we try to avoid the use of public transport due to covid. Self-transport regularly becomes a problem as parents can not drop their children daily.

The same problem lies in front of staff members.  Luckily, with blended learning, it is not necessary to regularly interact in the classroom; instead, it gives a freedom to interact from our places with classroom interaction twice a week. Thus reducing the transportation and such other issues to some extent.

The online classes sometimes lack the depth and quality of classes that incorporate one-on-one time with teachers. When the students connect with their teachers in real-time instead of the virtual meet, they can form much stronger relations with the teachers. It provides education with moral values as teachers intend to give qualitative education by knowing students’ lackings and helping them overcome the same. They form a bond with the teachers and with the classmates, thus helping them grow socially.

Thus, parents and teachers have to make students realize the importance of hybrid learning and classroom learning is necessary for students’ mental development. The further continuation of only online learning may lead to the lack of interest and sincerity towards the studies.

Still, at the same time, the health of students can’t be put at risk as the fact that the situation is improving but is not appropriate for complete offline mode can not be denied. Thus it was high time to find a way in between both. So hybrid learning proved to be one of the best solutions. So we can say that “ BLENDED LEARNING IS BETTER THAN BLUNDER IN LEARNING”

Why is E-DAC the best solution for Blended Learning?

E-DAC is the First Fully Integrated Learning System that offers an amalgamation of Curriculum, Media and Technology st encouraging students and teachers to embrace the rapidly changing world and make them future-ready with 21-century skills.

Founded in 2016, E-DAC brought a transformational change in the education system with its Experiential Curriculum, which empowers quality teaching-learning in pure offline, online and hybrid modes.

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